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Delivery and payments

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Orders are delivered across Japan using a third party delivery company, Sagawa Kyubin. You may also pick up your order in person at our offices in Osaka.

Delivery charges

A minimum delivery charge of 1,000yen per package will be added to your order total.*

Most packages will fall within the minimum 1,000yen per package category for delivery within Honshu. Okinawa deliveries will be charged a minimum 3,000yen however and Hokkaido deliveries a minimum 2,000yen per package.

For very large or bulky orders however, additional delivery charges may apply. All large-format poster orders for example are delivered rolled in tubes and are charged at a minimum of 2,000yen, regardless of delivery area. The delivery costs will be confirmed with you once we receive your order.

*You may also come and pick up your order in person from our Nishi-Ohashi office.

Mojoprint package


Your order will be first wrapped in protective brown paper or shrink-wrapped and then sealed in plain, cardboard boxes. The number of boxes required to package your order will depend on the size and volume of the product(s) ordered.

Pick up your order in person

You are welcome to come and collect your printed order in person from our office in Osaka. Please call before hand to confirm your order is indeed available for pick-up to avoid disappointment. Orders with a same-day turnaround however will not be ready for collection within office hours. Payment must be made in full either by cash in our office or by pre-paid, confirmed bank transfer before receipt of goods can be made. we are unable to accept credit cards for pick-up orders.

NB. Please be aware that printed goods can be a lot heavier than anticipated, so please plan ahead and either bring a car or sturdy bag.

Payment options

Cash on delivery

The most convenient payment method is to use Sagawa's e-Collect cash-on-delivery system. Payment must be made to the delivery driver upon receipt of goods. Payment is accepted only as cash.

*For orders exceeding 100,000yen in total however payment must be made by pre-paid bank transfer (see below).

Bank transfer

We also accept payment via (pre-paid) bank transfer if preferred or the total amount is substantial (please note that the maximum cash-on-delivery amount is 100,000yen). If you wish to pay by bank transfer please let us know when placing your order. We will send you an invoice for the full amount including delivery once we can confirm your data is print-ready. After confirmation of the transfer, the turnaround for your item will be calculated and production can begin.

Note: Production on your order cannot commence until we have confirmed the transfer. You may be asked to send us a copy of the transfer receipt to expediate the confirmation process for time sensitive orders.

Delivery schedule and tracking

Delivery schedule

Delivery Schedule Map

Delivery time is usually 1 day after leaving the production hub. For delivery to Okinawa, Hokkaido or other far-flung locations, an additional 1-3 days is usually required. Please see individual products for further details or check out our delivery schedule map of Japan to see how your location affects the number of days required for delivery.

Requesting a time of day for delivery

Due to the late hour that packages leave the production hub, we are unable to request AM deliveries. Other time periods (12 noon-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-8pm, 6-9pm) we are able to request however but please note that it is only a request and as such, no promise can be made. Many factors both foreseen and otherwise can prevent your package from arriving when requested and although the delivery company will do its best, there are no guarantees. Particularly during the peak seasons of Golden Week and New Year, specified times cannot be honoured. Mojoprint cannot be held responsible if your package does not arrive within the times requested and appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Tracking your order

When we ship your order it is given a unique package number, enabling you to track the progress of your delivery via the Sagawa Kyubin online tracking service. Package numbers will be provided to you as part of our final confirmation email.


Cash-on-delivery receipts

The delivery company driver will provide a customer copy of the delivery label once the goods have been paid for. If the label used on your package is the printed sticker type, your receipt will be one removable part of this and remain attached to the package. If it is a hand-written type, the receipt will be handed to you by the driver. In both cases this receipt is a legal and official receipt that is recognized and accepted by the Tax Bureau.

Should you require a cash receipt issued by Mojoprint, please send us this cash-on-delivery receipt and we will happily exchange it. We are unable to make a new receipt without it as it would result in the issue of multiple receipts for the same goods.

Please note: We are unable to change the payee name from what is written on the cash-on-delivery receipt, so please be sure to enter the official company name and address at the time of order. The receipt amount must also match the cash-on-delivery receipt total.

Bank transfer receipts

When making a payment by bank transfer, the transfer receipt you are issued with (or presented with on-screen for online transactions) is a legally recognized receipt and is accepted by the Tax Bureau.

Should you require a receipt issued by Mojoprint however, please send us this transfer receipt and we will happily exchange it. We are unable to make a new receipt without it as it would result in the issue of multiple receipts for the same goods.