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Mojoprint Frequently Asked Questions

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    Placing an order

  1. Can you print sizes and quantities that are not on your website?

    Yes. If you have some unique custom size or require other specs that you cannot find on our site, please drop us a line via our custom quote request form. If it is something we can produce for you, we'll happily provide a quote.

  2. Do I get a printed proof of my order?

    We do not include a printed proof but if you would like one there are a number of options available depending on your budget and what it is you want to proof for. Please see our page about color proofs for more details. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a proof or not, we urge you to triple check your data for content errors using simple desktop printer print-outs before submission to us for print.

  3. I have bought some lovely A4 paper I would like to use for my stationery. Can I bring it to you and have you print on it?

    Sorry, that is not possible. We compile many jobs together and print on large press sheets and then cut each individual job to size.

  4. I was out when the courier company called — what should I do?

    We use Sagawa to deliver your order directly to your door. In the event that they are unable to catch you at home, please call them directly quoting your tracking number and you will be able to arrange a convenient time for them to call again.

  5. How long will my order take?

    How long it will take for your order to arrive at your door depends on two things — the turnaround for the product ordered (including custom finishes) + the delivery time required to ship to your address. See How long will it Take? for more details

  6. Can I change the delivery address or other specs after my order has gone to print?

    Due to the print production workflow, once you receive the confirmation email from us that your data has been sent for production, we are unable to make any changes to the order specs or delivery details. Please be extra careful to ensure the delivery details are correct at the time of order. If you notice an error immediately having placed the order however, call us as soon as possible and we may be able to rectify the error or adjust the specs (e.g increase the quantity, change paper type etc.).

  7. Can I order less than 100 quantity?

    Offset printing is the most economical form of printing for quantities above 100 copies. The more copies you print the cheaper the unit price becomes. When you only need a handful of copies printed we may recommend on-demand printing or inkjet printing (for large format prints).

  8. I made a mistake with my order, can I cancel?

    If you contact us before your order has been sent for production then yes of course, you may cancel your order. Depending on the time of day your order is placed however there may be some instances when we have already confirmed your order and began production. Please contact us as soon as possible after placing your order if you need to cancel for any reason.

  9. I received my order, but I found a mistake. Can I get a reprint?

    If there has been a printing error we will of course reprint your data at no additional cost to you. If the error is found to be the result of poorly prepared data or otherwise contains client-side production errors however, Mojoprint will not be held responsible and any reprints will be at your expense. Please see our full Terms and conditions for more details on claims and returns.

  10. I received my order, but I am not happy with how the colors turned out. Can I get a reprint?

    Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible color reproduction of your data but because of the nature of the processes involved, Mojoprint shall not be required to guarantee an exact match in color or texture between any photograph, transparency, proof or digital file and the printed article. Each print run is checked for color accuracy, consistency and density by our technicians but that does not guarantee your individual job will print as you expect. A job proofed on-screen and the final printed matter can often be dramatically different. The data set-up, paper type used and finishes also play a major role in determining the final appearance of your colors in print. Where color accuracy is critical, we recommend investing in an offset proof to avoid disappointment.

    Please see our full Terms and conditions for more details on claims and returns.

  11. Print files and data submission

  12. What kind of files can you print?

    We accept high resolution .eps data formats created in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. We also accept PDF data created in Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress for magazine printing. Please see our data submission guidelines for more details.

  13. Do you accept documents made with Microsoft Word or Excel?

    No, we do not accept those native file formats as print ready data. Office type software programs while great for in-house presentations and handouts are not designed for high resolution output. Outputting to PDF from these applications may seem like a solution however but invariably there will be problems with lack of bleed and low resolution effects and images and we do not accept them for print. We recommend hiring a designer to re-create the file as high resolution print data (using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop etc.) for the best results. See our artworking service for more information. If you want to go it alone however then consider creating the data in Powerpoint (see below).

  14. Do you accept documents made with Microsoft Powerpoint?

    While we do not accept native Powerpoint files as print ready data, with the correct set up it is possible to output to PDF from Powerpoint and still get decent print results. We recommend hiring a designer to re-create the file as using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop etc. however for the best results. See our artworking service for more information.

  15. Do you accept documents made with Apple Pages?

    While we do not accept native Pages files as print ready data, with the correct set up it is possible to output to PDF from Pages and still get decent print results. We recommend hiring a designer to re-create the file as using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop etc. however for the best results. See our artworking service for more information.

  16. Do you accept documents made with Microsoft Publisher?

    Microsoft Publisher is notoriously difficult to create reliable print files from and we do not accept either native Publisher or PDF data created from it.

  17. What is bleed?

    All print data must have a 3mm area that extends beyond the cut line to allow for discrepancies during the final trimming process. This is known as the bleed. Please see a tutorial on bleed for more information.

  18. I don't know how to add bleed to my data - can you do it for me?

    If there is no bleed on your data in some circumstances we are technically able to add it for a small 500yen charge per file.

  19. I cannot save in CMYK mode - can you convert it for me?

    Whilst all print ready data must be submitted as CMYK artwork we understand that in some cases you may be unable to make the conversion yourself. Working in RGB and then converting to CMYK at the last minute however can result in some large color shifts since the CMYK color gamut is much smaller than RGB. For a 500yen fee per file we are able to convert to CMYK from your RGB files but we do not perform color corrections or adjustments to your file after the conversion.

  20. Delivery and Payments

  21. Can you deliver my order overseas (outside of Japan)?

    Sorry, no we can't. Due to the prohibitive cost of shipping heavy printed matter overseas and our cash on delivery payment system we are unable to ship your printing outside of Japan.

  22. I want to order multiple items at the same time. Do I have to place separate orders for each product?

    If the products are different (ie. some flyers, some posters and some postcards etc.) then yes, please place separate orders. If however you need for example 100 copies of business cards for 10 different people then please simply write that information in the notes when placing one order for 100 business cards. We will then adjust the order details and inform you of the new total price.

  23. How do I pay?

    We accept payment either by cash-on-delivery, pre-paid bank transfer or in cash at our office if collecting your order from us directly.

    See our page on delivery and payments for more details.

  24. Can I use a credit card?

    If you wish to pay with a credit card you may do so at your door as part of the cash-on-delivery service. An additional 5% surcharge will be added to your bill. We don't currently accept credit card payments online.

    See our page on delivery and payments for more details.

  25. Do you accept Paypal?

    In general no, we do not accept Paypal payments. In the case that you are ordering from overseas however (but need the items delivered within Japan) and domestic transfer is not an option, then we will accept Paypal payment to avoid complicated and expensive international bank transfers.

    In the above circumstances we shall initiate the Paypal payment process by sending you a unique Paypal Payment Request email, including a link to a Paypal page to complete the payment. You do not need to have a Paypal account, you simply need to enter your credit card details and we should receive the funds instantly to our business account.

  26. Can I get a credit account?

    For customers ordering with regular frequency or high volume, Mojoprint may offer 30 days credit. Any credit account is subject to a signed credit agreement. If you wish to be considered for an account please contact us for more information.

  27. If I order multiple items do I have to pay a delivery charge for each item or can you ship together?

    The delivery fee is basically a per box fee so if you order multiple items at the same time and they can logistically be packed together then we will do our best to pack together and only charge you just one delivery fee. Posters and business cards cannot be packed together in the same box however and so would incur separate fees. In the case of magazines and other orders where multiple boxes are required to fulfill the shipment we will provide a shipping quote at the time of order.

  28. Do you offer discounts for NPOs?

    We keep our prices as low as possible and do not offer discounts to charities or NPO organizations I'm afraid.

  29. If I order many items at once can I get a discount?

    We publish our prices online to make the checkout process as transparent as possible and in general the price you click to place an order will be the price you pay (before delivery). In the case of very large orders however a discount may be offered at our discretion.

  30. I want to print a monthly magazine. Can I get a discount?

    Please contact us if you are planning to print a monthly publication and we'll be happy to help you plan the printing budget and schedule. Depending on the specs we may be able to offer special discounted rates, but subject to a minimum term contract.

  31. I received my order, but there was no receipt. Can I get a receipt?

    Unless you paid by pre-paid bank transfer (in which case you will have a PDF invoice) or picked up from our office directly (in which case you will have a cash receipt), all of our packages are sent out using the cash-on-delivery system.

    The delivery company driver will provide a customer copy of the delivery label once the goods have been paid for. If the label used on your package is the printed sticker type, your receipt will be one removable part of this and remain attached to the package. If it is a hand-written type, the receipt will be handed to you by the driver. In both cases this receipt is a legal and official receipt that is recognized and accepted by the Tax Bureau.

    See our page on delivery and payments for more details.

  32. Mojoprint design services

  33. How much do you charge for design?

    We offer a professional, affordable design service. We charge from as little as 6000yen for an A6 flyer design (9000yen for both sides). Send us your text and images and let our design team create your next flyer. See our design services page for design samples and more details on the design process.

  34. How long will my design take?

    We can complete most flyer and business card designs in a few days, but magazines and brochures will depend on the number of pages and volume of content.

  35. When you complete my design can you send me the artwork too?

    We do not release our working design files or print-ready artwork files as standard practice but should you require them we will release the artwork for an additional release fee. The release fee is charged at 50% of the original design fee.

  36. Do you design websites?

    Yes we do. Please contact our sister company for an estimate.

  37. About printing

  38. What is offset printing?

    Offset printing is the most commonly used printing method in the industry and what we use for 90% of our products here at Mojoprint. Offset printing or lithography as it also known as uses a four ink production method (cyan, magenta, yellow and black - CMYK) to reproduce the myriad of colors in digital artwork files. Offset printing presses are enormous industrial machines that print on large press sheets up to speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour and are very efficient at printing magazines and flyers. Learn more about offset printing.

  39. What is inkjet printing?

    An inkjet printer is what you are most likely using at home or in the office. Inkjet printing technology propels liquid ink droplets onto the surface of the paper. At Mojoprint we utilize large format inkjet printing machines that are capable of printing on wide rolls of paper or other material to create one-off posters and banners etc. These machines use 8-12 separate color cartridges and are capable of reproducing a wider color gamut than offset printing.

  40. What is on-demand printing?

    On-demand printing or digital printing is used for short runs where offset printing would be too expensive. An on-demand printer is basically an industrial sized laser printer and can produce prints very quickly with near offset print quality. When you need 20 to 30 copies of a magazine or flyer on-demand printing can be an affordable option.

  41. Do you use Soy inks?

    Mojoprint uses vegetable oil based printing inks. We choose vegetable oil based inks (derived from soy, palm and other vegetable oils) as the environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum based printing inks. Learn more about vegetable and soy inks

  42. Can you print Pantone or other spot colors?

    We specialize in full color CMYK printing. We are able to offer very affordable printing by combining many orders together on large press sheets on our four color CMYK presses. Besides our one and two color envelope printing (that is done on a special envelope press), in general we limit any 5th color (in addition to CMYK) printing to either gold (DIC 622) or silver (DIC 621) ink. For business cards or letterheads however please contact us for a quote for Pantone and DIC spot color jobs.

  43. Will there be a Mojoprint logo on my flyers?

    No, we never add anything to your data unless specifically requested.

  44. Papers

  45. What kind of papers do you have?

    Our standard papers are coat, matt-coat and uncoated papers available in weights from 70kg (lightweight flyers) to 220kg (business cards). For custom jobs we can print on more or less any commercial paper available in Japan. Please request a paper sample book to see our range for yourself.

  46. I would like to see your paper and print quality before I order. Can you send me some samples?

    We would love to. Please fill out the Paper Samples request form and we will send you our welcome pack.

  47. What is the difference between coat, matt-coat and uncoated paper?

    Coat paper is the shiny stuff. It has an even shiny coated surface and color reproduction is excellent. Our most popular paper.

    Matt-coat paper has a dull coating. Where there is no ink, the paper will appear 'matt' and where there is ink, the colors will appear semi-shiny. Good color reproduction and great for a more corporate look.

    Uncoated paper has absolutely no coating at all. Consequently the ink seeps into the surface of the paper more than coated papers and colors appear muted and blacks appear dark grey. The result is an even flat, natural finish.

  48. Do you have any papers other than those on your website?

    Yes, we can print custom jobs on more or less any commercial paper available in Japan. Please contact us for a quote.

  49. On your website you talk about papers with kg weights and not gsm or lbs. What is the difference?

    In Japan paper weights are determined by the combined weight of a 1000 press sheets in that particular paper. According to the size of the press sheet this weight will change. Luckily in Japan there are only really two widely used sheet sizes - shirokuban and kikuban. Shirokuban is the defacto size and what all the kg weights are based on at Mojoprint. If you are used to papers expressed as gsm see our guide to converting gsm paper weights to Japanese kg paper weights.

  50. About Mojoprint

  51. Where is your office?

    Our office is in Shinmachi, Osaka. You are welcome to drop by and see us anytime Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm. You can find Mojoprint on Google Maps here.

  52. Is Mojoprint the same as King Printers?

    No, Mojoprint is the English language agent for King Printers but we are not one and the same company. Whilst most of our product range is indeed handled through the King Printers factory Mojoprint has relationships with many printing companies across Japan and is proud to offer a wide range of products and services otherwise inaccessible to the English speaking community in Japan.

  53. Can you send a salesman to talk to us?

    To keep our prices as competitive as possible we prefer to handle all sales related enquiries by phone or email.