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Download layout templates

To make sure your data is the right dimensions and includes the correct bleed and trim marks (where appropriate), we have created these templates to make your life easier. Simply download the template that matches the product you want to create and open it in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign as appropriate. For users of Adobe Illustrator CS5 or newer applications, please download the .ai versions. These are set up as artboards.

All templates are saved as either Adobe Illustrator CC+ .ai, Adobe Illustrator CS .eps, Adobe Photoshop .psd or Adobe InDesign CS3 .indd files and then compressed as .zip archives. These will open on both Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Understanding the guides and marks used in the templates

A774 x 100mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Square100 x 100mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A6100 x 148mmIllustrator CCIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A6 (ISO)105 x 148mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
CD120 x 120mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
CD Sleeve240 x 120mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
DL99 x 210mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A5148 x 210mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A4210 x 297mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A3297 x 420mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A4 tri-fold leaflet210 x 297mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A4 Z-fold leaflet297 x 210Illustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Triple CD tri-fold leaflet120 x 357mmIllustrator EPS
Triple CD Z-fold leaflet120 x 357mmIllustrator EPS
Triple A5 tri-fold leaflet210 x 441mmIllustrator EPS
Triple A5 Z-fold leaflet210 x 441mmIllustrator EPS
Triple A4 tri-fold627 x 297mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSDIndesign INDD
Triple A4 Z-fold627 x 297mmIllustrator EPS
Small ticket160 x 50mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Medium ticket180 x 60mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Large ticket210 x 76mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
B3364 x 515mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A2420 x 594mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
B2515 x 728mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A1594 x 841mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
B1728 x 1030mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
A0841 x 1189mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
B01030 x 1456mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Business Card
Horizontal Business card91 x 55mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Vertical Business card55 x 91mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Shop Cards
Tent fold110 x 91mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
Book fold182 x 55mmIllustrator EPSPhotoshop PSD
POP Tent cards (updated 2016.09.12)
Product/sizeDimensions (HxWxD)AI
Wide Tent112 x 144.6 x 61.5mmIllustrator CC
Small Tent135 x 119 x 71.5mmIllustrator CC
Large Tent170.5 x 150 x 81.5mmIllustrator CC
Greeting cards
Mini greeting card148 x 100mm (open size A6)Illustrator EPS
Square greeting card240 x 120mm (open size Y0)Illustrator EPS
Regular greeting card210 x 148mm (open size A5)Illustrator EPS
5 x 7 inch greeting card127 x 128mmIllustrator EPS
CD size greeting card118 x 118mmIllustrator EPS
DL size greeting card210 x 100mmIllustrator EPS
Product/sizeDimensions (HxWxD)EPS
MediumA3 screen (297x420mm)Illustrator EPS
2016 Calendars
*New*2016/08 ~ 2017/07 wall calendar - A4210 H x 297mm W (28 pages)Indesign indd

These calendar templates are offered without any warranty but with the intention that corrections or improvements will be incorporated where possible. We welcome any comments or corrections. For those looking to create calendar templates from scratch in InDesign, we recommend this Javascript Extension

Signs and Display
Nobori - Medium450 x 1800mmIllustrator EPS
Nobori - Large600 x 1800mmIllustrator EPS
Rollup Banner (reg)850 x 2000mmIllustrator EPS
Rollup Banner (wide)1,500 x 2000mmIllustrator EPS
Rollup Banner (XL)2000 x 2000mmIllustrator EPS
Ready-made Envelopes (1c-spot or spot/spot)
1c spot N3 (kent/kraft types only)120 x 235mmIllustrator EPS
1c spot N3 (colored/pastel types only)120 x 235mmIllustrator EPS
1c spot Y0235 x 120mmIllustrator EPS
1c spot Y2162 x 114mmIllustrator EPS
1c spot K2240 x 332mmIllustrator EPS
Windowed 1c spot Y0235 x 120mmIllustrator EPS
Windowed 1c spot N3120 x 235mmIllustrator EPS
Full Color Envelopes (4c/0c)
Full color N3120 x 235mmIllustrator EPS
Full color Y0235 x 120mmIllustrator EPS
Full color Y2162 x 114mmIllustrator EPS
Full color K2240 x 332mmIllustrator EPS
Full color K3216 x 277mmIllustrator EPS
Full color K6162 x 229mmIllustrator EPS
Windowed Full color N3120 x 235mmIllustrator EPS
Windowed Full color Y0235 x 120mmIllustrator EPS
Windowed Full color K2240 x 332mmIllustrator EPS

These envelope templates are for Illustrator use only. Force-opening them in Photoshop may distort the template size and/or not portray an accurate scale.

Round stickers
Round sticker30mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker40mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker50mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker60mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker70mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker80mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker90mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker100mm∅Illustrator EPS
Round sticker120mm∅Illustrator EPS
Square stickers
Square sticker50 x 50mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker50 x 74mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker55 x 91mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker50 x 148mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker100 x 100mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker100 x 148mmIllustrator EPS
Square sticker120 x 120mmIllustrator EPS
Round uchiwa fans
Round uchiwa fan206mm diameterIllustrator EPS
Round90mm∅Illustrator EPS
Square90mmIllustrator EPS