Mojoprint — Easy online ordering

Ready to order?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1. Browse our products to find the specs that best matches your design

2. Click on a price corresponding to the number of copies you wish to order

3. Fill out the order form and upload your data

Be sure to read our perfect printing — every time! checklist and verify that you have data that meets our requirements. We cannot be responsible for data that fails to print correctly due to poorly prepared data. See our terms and conditions for more details.

We also accept data on CD/DVD either by post or in person at our office in Osaka.

Order flow

From design to delivery — the Mojoprint experience

Select a product

When your design is ready to be printed, visit our site and select a product from our product range. Just click the price corresponding to the size and quantity you would like.

Upload your data

Enter in your details, then you can quickly and easily upload your data to us directly though the website. Before you upload your data, please read out checklist, Perfect printing — every time.

You will receive an automatic confirmation email detailing your order.

Please note: We are unable to cancel orders once they have been sent for production (confirmed by a second email - see below) so please double check very carefully before submitting your order. In the event that you realize you made a mistake with your order however please contact us IMMEDIATELY to avoid disappointment.

We check it

We will open up your files and have a check for anything that might cause an error in the printing, and ensure that all the technical stuff is as it should be. If there are any problems, we will notify you, and ask you to re-submit your data. Alternatively, if the technical issues are minor, you may ask us to correct your files for you, starting from ¥500. See our design services page (artworking) for more details.

Once your data is ready to go, it will be sent to the factory for production and we will send you a second confirmation email. This email will notify you of the expected delivery date and detail the total amount due. Your order/delivery details can no longer be changed from this point.

Please note: The total amount due may be higher than your original online order if the delivery costs have been updated (due to the size of your order and/or destination) or you have asked for any additional services.

We lay up your data

We can provide such attractive prices and fast turnaround because we combine your data with other customer's data on big press sheets and print them all together.

Plates are made

We use CTP to make 4 aluminum plates, one for each colour of the CMYK printing process. See our page about four color printing for more information.

We print it!

The plates are loaded into our huge Heidelberg or Komori printers and your data is printed at 5 sheets a second!

Finishing touches

After the sheets have been printed we take them away to add any finishes such as laminate coating, folding, perforating or binding.

Slice and dice

We then cut up the sheets into each individual customers order, using very accurate trimming machines (not scissors).

We pack it up

We pack your order up, attach a Mojoprint sticker, and then deliver it directly to you. Or set it aside and wait for you to collect. It's as simple as that.

You will receive a final delivery confirmation email detailing the actual date of delivery and your tracking number.