110kg Tri-fold Pamphletszoom

110kg Tri-fold Pamphlets

500 full color A4 pamphlets, just 10,800 yen

Lots of content, slim size

These pamphlets are a great way of promoting what you company has to offer — more information than a flyer yet more compact than a brochure. Tri-fold pamphlets are a standard A4 flyer, folded into thirds.

Printed on durable 110kg stock, you can select a paper to best suit your design. Uncoated paper, matt coat, or coat. Please specify your paper choice in the notes section when you place your order.

*Please note that the paper may split slightly along the outside edge of the fold and/or reveal the white paper beneath. This is regrettably an unavoidable side effect of folding by machine and is often most severe on coated papers. For clean folds and to protect the pamphlets from wear and tear we recommend our laminate pamphlet option.

Folding is included in the price

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Your choice of 110kg coat, matt coat or uncoated | Data by 10:00 each business day > ready in 3 business days 20:00 - 22:00 (How long is it going to take?)

Note: Prices include 5% tax but do not include delivery charges. The turnaround schedule does not include delivery. Please add 1 extra day for delivery within Honshu and 3 extra days for delivery to Hokkaido and Okinawa. Next day airmail delivery to Okinawa and Hokkaido also available. Ask us for details.
Size/style Front Back 100 200 300 400 500 1,000 2,000


210 x 297mm
4c/4c 4c/4c ¥9,900 ¥10,000 ¥10,100 ¥11,100 ¥11,200 ¥13,500 ¥18,100