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Goodbye EPS, hello PDF

We have been accepting PDF files for print for several years now, but it is finally time to officially announce them as our preferred print-data format for standard items.

For anyone submitting data created in recent versions (CS5+) of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, please read our new tutorial about setting up artboards and creating print-ready PDFs or download our new artboard-based blank starter templates. No more outlining fonts and embedding images for you.

We can accept PDF files created in other applications, provided they are the exact bleed size and exported in the PDFx/1a format.

Although the PDF to print workflow is great for nine out of ten jobs, in some cases native .ai data is required – for example when creating die-cuts and complicated folding – and those products will still need to be submitted using the old templates.

Happy PDFing.

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