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Event Tickets

Event Tickets

Versatile, affordable tickets to suit your event.

500 4c/1c perforated tickets just 5,200 yen!

Printed on our most popular paper, durable 135kg flyer stock, these tickets are perfect for all kinds of events, big or small. Note: please indicate clearly on your artwork where the ticket should be perforated.

All sizes have the same price.
Please select one of the following sizes:
Small (160x50mm), Medium (180x60mm) or Large (210x76mm)

Please see the below table for the new turnarounds.
Standard tickets (printing only) = 3 days + delivery.
Perforated tickets (printing + perforation) = 4 days + delivery.
Numbered tickets (printing + numbering) = 5 days + delivery.
Deluxe tickets (printing + perforation + numbering 2 locations) = 6 days + delivery.

Please specify whether you would like coat (glossy), matt-coat (semi shine) or uncoated (no shine). If you do not specify, then coat will be used.
For the security conscious, we can offer a holographic anti-counterfeit foil strip. Please ask us for a quotation.

Product specs
Your choice of 135kg coat, matt-coat or uncoated
6 business days
4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c/4c
Standard (Small Medium or Large) , Perforated (Small Medium or Large) , Numbered (Small Medium or Large) , Deluxe (Small Medium or Large)