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Kraft Bottle Labels

Putting the Kraft into Craft beer. ™

50 oval labels for 6,200 yen!

These labels are printed on brown kraft paper. This paper absorbs ink creating dark, saturated colours. Because of this a limited palette works best. If you want your colours to really pop, then use a base layer of white ink.

The natural texture is a great way to give your beers an "artisanal" look, but keep in mind that they aren't 100% waterproof. For something more robust, check out our Synthetic PP labels

They come small, medium and oval sizes which are perfect for 330ml bottles. The medium sized label will wrap around just over half of a typical craft beer bottle. For custom sizes or shapes, contact us for a quote.

Quantities start from ten up, great for home brewers, limited seasonal commercial brews, or for personalising bottles for an event.

Cannot print full bleed designs so please leave a 3mm margin on the outside edge of your data. For a white base ink there should be a separate layer under the data set to 100% black.

Product specs
Kraft adhesive film
8 business days
Small (90x75mm) , Oval (90x80mm) , Medium (125x90mm) , Small + white base ink (90x75mm) , Oval + white base ink (90x80mm) , Medium + white base ink (125x90mm)