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Vicuna X (clear)

Vicuna X (clear)

Retractable pen with ridged pattern grip allowing for comfort and control!

100 Vicuna X pens for only 10,700 yen!

The Pentel Vicuna X ballpoint pen is a retractable pen with an innovative low viscosity ink which gives a very smooth writing experience. The grip has a ridged pattern that allows greater comfort and control when using the pen.

Vicuna X (clear body type) pens are available in the following color varieties: - Clear Orange Body / Orange Trim (BX107TF) - Clear Pink Body / Pink Trim (BX107TP) - Clear Blue Body / Blue Trim (BX107TS) - Clear Grey Body / Grey Trim (BX107TG)

Type of printing: 1 spot color (only) / Screen printing.

Product features: Retractable ballpoint pen with ultra smooth ink Extremely low in viscosity providing rich and vivid ink colours Stylish pen design with streamlined contours 0.7mm tip gives approx 0.35mm line width Writing Ink Colors: Black

Product specs
Vicuna-X Ballpoint pen (black ink)
21 business days
BX107TF (Clear Orange) , BX107TP (Clear Pink) , BX107TS (Clear Blue) , BX107TG (Clear Grey)