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180kg tickets

180kg tickets

Thick event tickets

These tickets are printed on 180kg card weight stock, and so are perfect for Dinners, Gala events, concerts or any event that requires a heavier weight and feel of ticket to our regular 135kg tickets. Choose from 180kg coat, matt-coat, or uncoated.

Both sizes are the same price
Small (160x50mm), Medium (180x60mm)

Please see the below table for the turnarounds.

Basic tickets (printing only) = 2 days + delivery.
Perforated tickets (printing + perforation) = 3 days + delivery.
Numbered tickets (printing + numbering) = 6 days + delivery.
Deluxe tickets (printing + perforation + numbering 2 locations) = 6 days + delivery.

Product specs
180kg coat, matt-coat, uncoated
2~6 business days
4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c/4c
Basic (Small or Medium) , Perforated (Small or Medium) , Numbered (Small or Medium) , Deluxe (Small or Medium)