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Add interest to your prints with fancy folds

Most flat prints can be folded in a manner of ways to meet your requirements. During Step 1 of the order process you will have the opportunity to select from the standard folding options below. If you need something a little different please contact us for a quote.

Folding charges are calculated by adding the base set-up fee for the type of fold required PLUS the per-copy price for the number of flyers to be folded.
E.g. 2000 flyers folded in half (half fold): Set-up: ¥1500 + 2000 copies @ ¥1/copy = ¥3500

Folding Options

¥1/copy Zone

Set-up: ¥1500
Half fold/Letter fold

Keep it simple and fold it in half.

Tri-fold/Parallel fold

Use this for a three panel leaflet. The panel to be folded inside should be a few mm smaller to accomodate the folding.

Z fold

The simplest accordian/concertina fold. All panels are the same width.

¥2/copy Zone

Set-up: ¥2500
Accordian 3 fold

Accordian/concertina resulting in 4 panels.

Accordian 4 fold

Accordian/concertina resulting in 5 panels.

Accordian 5 fold

Accordian/concertina resulting in 6 panels.

Accordian 6 fold

Accordian/concertina resulting in 7 panels.

¥3/copy Zone

Set-up: ¥3500
DM fold

Folded in half and then parallel folded.


For creating internal flaps. Most often used to create a 4 panel center spread in magazines once opened out. Outer panels must be slightly narrower to accommodate folds.

Cross fold

Fold in half and fold in half again. Good for a one page fold out guide/brochure that transforms into a poster.