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Color proofs

About proofing and color proofs

When ordering from Mojoprint you will not receive any kind of proof before we go to print*. We prefer instead to keep our prices as low as possible by offering color proofs as an option rather than an included expense.

For many jobs, there is simply no need for a proof. As long as you have checked your artwork carefully for editorial errors, there is no reason to panic.

Before your data is accepted as print-ready, we check your files over to make sure the resolution is adequate and that technically everything is ready for production. Of course, sometimes you may receive your order and realise you have mispelled a word or made a typo somewhere, but by in large, 99% of our customers forego any additional proofing process.

For mission critical jobs however, we understand that a proof of some kind can be necessary - a last chance saloon to find the typos before sending your 10,000 copy catalog to print.

While an offset color proof is the only way to go if you want to see the artwork exactly as it will finally print, if you are simply looking to check the content of your artwork one last time or worried about the image resolution etc. then you may want to consider a digital offset proof.

*If we are designing your data for you, we will send you PDF proofs to approve before going to print as part of the design process.

Digital offset proof

When you want to see what your design will look like on the actual paper, but don't want the expense of a real offset proof, these are ideal. Printed on a special proofing printer (only one side can be printed) with color output simulated to behave like a real offset print. They cannot be used for accurate color proofing however - think of them more as a 'guide' to how your finished item will look. When color proofing is paramount, then you will need a true offset printed color proof (see below).

  • Print technology: Proofing printer
  • Paper: As ordered
  • Resolution: 1440×720dpi
  • Max print size: A1 (594 x 841mm)
  • Price per 4c/0c sheet:
    Up to A3: ¥4,000
    A3 - A1: 6,000yen
  • Turnaround: 2 days
  • Pros: Affordable proofing without the cost of full offset. Color simulation for all standard paper types. Can get a feel for what the finished print will be like on the actual paper.
  • Cons: Outlined fonts may appear slightly heavier than they will actually print with offset printing. Hairlines will also print. Cannot be used as a color proof.

Offset color proof

The most accurate color proof, when nothing but the real thing will do. 4c/0c offset printing on the paper of your choice. We will supply about 5 copies per proof and keep one at the factory as a color sample against which to compare when we run the final job. Proofs will be un-trimmed and printed with color bars for reference.

  • Print technology: CTP and offset printing
  • Paper: As ordered
  • Max print size: B1 (728 x 1030mm)
  • Price per 4c/0c sheet:
    Up to A3: ¥15,000
    A3 - A2: 25,000yen
    A2 - A1: 45,000yen
    B1: 55,000yen
  • Turnaround: 2 days
  • Pros: Exact same quality and production as the finished article. Same ink, same paper, same process. What you see is what you get.
  • Cons: Not recommended for magazines with many pages due to the expense. Good for posters, 1 page flyers, small 8-16 page brochures or other mission critical jobs where a reliable proof is a pre-requisite.