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T-shirt & Polo shirt printing

High-quality screen printed t-shirts and polo shirts. Whether you need some branded polos for your staff, or are looking to start your own clothing brand, we've got you covered.

Top quality screen-printed t-shirts and polo shirts

Please note that these products require vector artwork - ie no Photoshop or jpeg data - and must use our template.
Because screens have to be created for each design, screen printing is not suitable for very small runs (minimum quantity = 30 pieces). If you just need one or two shirts, please ask us about ink-jet printed t-shirt options.

Standard Tees

Gildan 76000

5.3oz, 100% cotton t-shirts

30 tees for 29,900 yen!

Printstar 085-CVT

5.6oz, 100% cotton

30 printstar 085 tees for 30,800 yen

United Athle 5401

5.0oz, 100% cotton t-shirts

30 united athle tees for 31,800 yen

Heavy Tees

Heavy-weight for a high-quality feel.

Gildan 2000

6oz, 100% cotton t-shirts

30 large Gildan tees for 30,800 yen

Dry Fit Tees

With moisture-wicking technology and UV cut fibers, these are great for sports or outdoor use.

United Athle 5088

4.7oz, 100% Polyester Moisture-Wicking silky-touch t-shirts

30 Dry Fit t-shirts for 41,200 yen

United Athle 5900

4.1oz, 100% Polyester Moisture-Wicking athletic t-shirts

30 Dry Fit t-shirts for 35,200 yen


From the golf-course to the board room, look the part in our printed polos.

United Athle 5190

6.2oz, dry blend polo-shirts

30 Polo shirts for 45,600 yen

United Athle 5191

6.2oz, dry blend polo-shirts with pocket

30 Polo shirts for 45,600 yen