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Pouch laminate flyers

Pouch laminate flyers

Protect, preserve and enhance your documents!

50 A5 Pouch laminate flyers for 11,900 yen

Pouch lamination is perfect for products that need to be durable, waterproof and air-tight. Perfect for sale sheets, brochures and restaurant menus!

Click here for folded pouch laminate menus

When preparing your data, make sure to use the Pouch laminate templates.

Product specs
135kg matt coat + Pouch lamination
5 business days
4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c/4c
B6 (128x182mm) , A5 (148x210mm) , B5 (182x257mm) , A4 (210x297mm) , B4 (257x364mm) , A3 (297x420mm) , B3 (364x515mm) , A2 (420x594mm)
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