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Gloss Laminate Greeting Cards

Gloss Laminate Greeting Cards

Glossy on the outside, matt on the inside

100 Standard 4c/1c cards 12,000 yen

Printed on heavyweight 220kg mirror matt stock with a gloss laminate finish, these greeting cards have a smooth glossy outside and an uncoated inside, great for writing your message by hand.

We also have optional plain white envelopes available to fit:

Mini type (VG6 size (86 x 119mm), kent, diamond) @¥1,200/per 100* Mini type (C7 size (81 x 114mm ), cotton, flat) @¥2,000/per 100*
A6 Standard type (Y2 size, kent, diamond) @¥1,200/per 100
A6 Standard type (Y2 size, cotton, diamond) @¥2,200/per 100
6 x 6 type (160 x 160mm, cotton, flat) @ ¥4,000/per 100
5 x 7 type (Y50, kent, diamond) @ ¥2,200/per 100 CD Size type (125 x 125mm, cotton, flat) @ ¥3,200/per 100* DL type (DL size, cotton, flat) @ ¥2,200/per 100

Note: Cards are scored and ready for folding, but will be delivered to you flat. Sizes indicated are folded sizes.

*Please be aware that these envelopes are smaller than the standard items accepted by the Japan Postal service. Minimum size that can be sent is 140 x 90mm.

Product specs
220kg mirror matt + gloss laminate
5 business days (*4c/4c will be one extra day)
4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c/4c
Mini (74x100mm) , 6 x 6 (148 x 148mm) , A6 Standard (105 x 148mm) , 5 x 7 (127 x 178mm) , CD Size (118 x 118mm) , DL Size (210 x 100mm)
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