Mojoprint — Full color printing in Japan with native English support

White windowed envelopes

White windowed envelopes

Print on ready-made envelopes with a clear cellophane window

Choose from two standard sizes: N3 and Y0. Both are suitable for an A4 sheet folded into thirds. Y0 opens on the long edge (standard), while the N3 opens on the short edge, as is common in Japan.

Double-sided adhesive tape can be added to the envelopes as an option, but note that the Y0 size is pre-gummed. See prices below. Adds an additional 5 business days (no weekends) to the turnaround.

Spot color must be specified as a DIC spot color. Choose from the following range:

DIC color swatches samples

DIC564 red, DIC565 deep orange, DIC566 orange, DIC567 yellow, DIC576 cyan, DIC579 blue, DIC580 purple, DIC582 black, DIC584 pink, DIC642 light green, DIC643 emerald green, DIC644 pine green, DIC645 terra cotta, DIC646 brown, DIC647 charcoal, DIC648 magenta

Warning The color swatches above are intended as a guide only. Please also note that the Illustrator swatches provided below do not take into account how the colors will print on uncoated Kent stock. In general they will appear paler and more subdued. Where color output is critical please consult a DIC color book for accurate matching.

Download Adobe Illustrator color swatch

Product specs
80kg (N3 only)/100g kent (brilliant white)
4 business days
N3(長3) (120x235mm) , Y0 (洋長3) (235x120mm) , N3(長3) + adhesive tape (120x235mm) , Y0 (洋長3) + adhesive tape (235x120mm)
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